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EU recalls Tanzania ambassador amid LGBT crackdown

The European Union has recalled the head of its delegation to Tanzania because of what it calls a “deterioration of the human rights and rule of law” in the east African nation. The EU — a major donor to Tanzania that has pledged more than $700 million in support between 2014 and 2020 — said in a statement that it would be conducting a broader review of its relations with the country. The move to withdraw its ambassador, Roeland van de Geer, comes after severe international criticism over a crackdown…

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“WE CAN’T ALLOW IT. IT MUST BE CONFRONTED AND CONDEMNED EVERYWHERE.” At a rally, U.S. President Donald Trump addressed the horrific anti-Semitic terrorist attack that took place at a Pittsburgh Synagogue. Trump’s remarks can be seen below: Earlier, Trump spoke about the attack outside of Marine One. A transcript of his initial remarks is below: “We’ll be making a major statement. It’s a terrible, terrible thing what’s going on with hate in our country frankly and all over the world. And something has to be done. Something has to be…

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Communist China Keeps Expanding Their Brutal Internment Camps, As Cowardly Politicians Remain Silent

The Trudeau government is quick to criticize our closest ally the United States. Yet they have little to say about China’s ruthless expansion of horrendous internment camps. We like to think that internment camps are a thing of that past. But Communist China is bringing them back big time. China’s treatment of citizens in the majority-Muslim region of Xinjiang has veered from hostile to totally totalitarian. Far from simply seeking integration, China has put up to one million people in mass internment camps, depriving them of any bit of freedom…

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